About Us


Soroti Development Association & NGOs Network (SODANN) was formed in 1994 out of a need to establish a development organization that carters for the information, capacity building and networking needs of the ever increasing numbers of civil society organizations in Soroti district. SODANN was the first CSO District Network to be born in Uganda.

At the time of forming SODANN, Uganda was planning to decentralize its administration and service delivery. Today what was Soroti district has been split into five districts namely Soroti, Kaberamaido, Amuria, Katakwi and Serere that comprise of Teso region.

Since its inception SODANN ably executed the following programme areas: CSO networking, NGO capacity building, human rights protection and advocacy plus empowering citizens to be active in local democracy and good governance. SODANN has grown from a small membership of 51 CSOs to 131 members in 2015.

SODANN was also formed to organise and enable the collective voice of civil society organizations and community groups in the then Soroti district.

From 2007, SODANN transformed to a development association that promotes development through implementing activities in transitional justice, human rights protection and promotion of democracy plus good governance. It strives to have a strengthened collective voice of mobilized citizens that hold local governments and political leaders accountable for peace, justice & development.