SODANN’s Vision and Mission:

SODANN’s Vision   A society with sustainable democratic institutions and empowered communities.
SODANN’s Mission Together accountably observing human rights, justice and preventing violations.




Courage and altruistic determination.

We challenge any form of human rights abuse or violation regardless of who the perpetrators are without fear or favour. This has endeared us to the victims of human rights abuses and violations, their families and among upright persons and institutions. At the same time, it sometimes makes us unpopular and hated by perpetrators and their allies.


SODANN acts swiftly and effectively to document first hand information on human rights abuses and violations which then provides a basis for redemptive and preventive action. It is also a ground for holding perpetrators accountable as well as further research.


In all SODANN’s interventions, we ensure that there is respect and dignity for all those who are involved to ensure equality, fairness and justice.


SODANN promotes meaningful, timely and continuous dialogue (where necessary) between and among the affected parties in a manner that allows for freedom of expression and that promotes reconciliation.


In the event of abuse or violation of human rights, SODANN is always one with the victims, their families; in the process we overcome isolation, stress, trauma and provide (where we can) for some physical needs. Thus we set a precedent for healing and hope.



SODANN promotes equal and meaningful participation which creates an environment for all persons in society to be recognized and their aspirations considered in planning and implementation of development actions.


SODANN is never deterred by any form of threats, attacks and persecution in all the processes of seeking for justice, protection of rights, promotion of democracy and re-establishment of peaceful co-existence. We seek for allies that prop and bolster our predicaments for the wider good of society.

Dignity of life

In all SODANN does, we respect and promote the dignity and sanctity of life. We are very fast, keen, unwavering and aggressive in rescuing persons whose rights are in danger of being abused or violated.


SODANN seeks for accountability in any form of abuse or violation without relenting. To this extent, SODANN engages the duty bearers in order to remind, encourage, shame and seek for action as required of them, in any form of abuse or violation of rights. In the same vein, SODANN holds leaders to account for public resources under them meant for public good.

Networking and constructive engagement

SODANN works with organizations, individuals and public institutions that honestly uphold and support our quest for justice, unity, peace, democracy and good governance in society.


Whatever and however difficult a circumstance and condition is, SODANN persists to achieve positive results for individuals, institutions and society.


SODANN has a growing number of members and independent individuals spread in several places such as civil society, public institutions, academia, international justice institutions plus global peace, human rights and democracy activists who work to seek for accountability, yearn for global peace and to save people from various forms of abuses and violations.