SODANN’s Programme area: Promoting Good Governance and Democracy.

govenIn this programme area, SODANN aims at enhancing the practical and ideological faculties of member CSOs and citizens to participate in and demand for accountability in all areas of service delivery at local and central government level. We also promote democratic governance by strengthening active participation of citizens in electoral and representative democacry.

SODANN raises the capacity for policy analysis and advocacy at district and meso level among citizens and their leaders.

We enable women local leaders to understand their roles and execute them with confidence.

We demand for the culture and practice of transparency in the conduct of public affairs.

We also enable our member organisations and citizens to manage change, design projects, develop visionary strategic plans and make realistic activity plans.

This area of programming is driven by the following objectives:

  • Citizens effectively influence governance policies and decisions at the local and national levels.
  • Increased and visible citizens’ participation in planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Accountable leaders at community- civil and elected.
  • Service delivery at community level characterized by: timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness and equity.

All these are executed in order that the following outputs should happen.

  • Increased citizens’ influence on local government policy and decision making processes and changes.
  • Increased citizens’ role in enhancing Uganda’s democratic
  • Poverty is greatly reduced through the prioritized and sustained allocation of public resources to wealth creation.
  • Public resources are allocated with a priority and equitable allocation to wealth creation and service delivery.