Resource Centre as a cross cutting issue

SODANN with the support from Bookaid International UK has got a well established library which is consulted by various stakeholders for example public servants, CSO staff, students and private individuals.

The need for this resource center arose because more than three decades of conflict, livestock rustling and internal displacement that eroded educational infrastructure in Teso and Karamoja regions which would otherwise enable the population to acquire knowledge, increase skills and access valuable up-to-date information. The Resource Center fills a gap in which a generation of ill-informed workers, uneducated children and youths would result.

In addition, SODANN provides career guidance advice, opportunities for internship training, reference information materials and linkages for sponsorship to young people from Teso and Karamoja region. SODANN engages in this type of programming so that:

  • There are successful role models from Teso and Karamoja region to look up to while they study or struggle to grow up.
  • A critical mass of graduates from Teso and Karamoja is obtained so that they may help in developing the region.
  • Opportunities are provided to otherwise destitute children and youth.