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Respect and Observance of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Post Conflict Teso.

SODANN Enhances the Capacity of various Stakeholders in Teso responsible for the Protection of Human Rights through Training in Human Rights and the Responsibility to Protect.

Captain & a Legal Officer in the UPDF, explains the rules of procedure in the Court Martial incase a Civilian is arrested in possession of illegal arm. Many people in Teso are alleged to be in possession of illegal arms. Some of whom are just framed due land grudges. They end up in Military Court Martial. Without proper investigation and legal representation, they may suffer for a long time. During the training the army officers provided for avenues in which such suspects can be assisted incase the communities are aware that they have been wrongfully framed and that they are innocent.

SODANN Training of Human Rights Monitors and Supervisors on Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting.

SODANN Human Rights Monitors and Human Rights Supervisors from the seventeen sub counties of Soroti District attending three day training on Monitoring, Reporting and Documentation of Human Rights Violations and Abuses.

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